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Re: root in FC 10

Fred Silsbee wrote:
> You don't see it do you!

No.  I obviously only want to control you by arguing for a reasonable
*default* setting.

> What you are proposing would take a massive intricate system to
> protect people from themselves.

Hardly.  What I have suggested is what is already being done by

> SELINUX is already a super mess duplicating controls already in
> place and adding to the CPU burden.

No, SELinux is a tool that helps restrict code to only it's intended
task.  It helps make a system more secure.  You are entirely free to
disable it if you like, but it is on by default and it generally
increases the security of Fedora.

> Extending your logic to society

[snip a lot of political hyperbole]

You are confusing sane defaults with laws and mandates.  They don't
compare.  Nor do I appreciate you suggesting that I seek to control
you or anyone else.

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