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Re: How to install and manage fonts under Fedora?

2008/12/6 Klaatu <gort klaatu gmail com>:
> Valent:
> http://www.binrev.com/forums/blog/xklaatux/index.php?showentry=35
> or in a nutshell:
> Go to System > Preferences > Look and Feel > Appearance
> The Appearance controls appear, and at the top there is a tab labeled
> "Fonts". Click into this tab. At the bottom of this window there is a button
> "Details", which opens up a new window, at the bottom of which is another
> button: "Go to Font Folder".
> Your system's font folder then opens. Place all the fonts you've downloaded
> into this folder. The fonts themselves are the files ending in .ttf so don't
> try to add any of the .txt or .rtf files that may have accompanied the fonts
> in your download. These are typically notes from the font designer about the
> license or where to find more fonts, and so on.
> You may need to restart X after this; I haven't used Gnome in a while.
> Hope that helps.
> - klaatu

There is no such button in Fedora 10 :(

look for yourself:

Has Gnome 2.24 removed this on purpose or is it a bug?

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