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Re: root in FC 10

>> Compared to logging in graphically as root leaves you
>> much more open to security flaws in the graphical systems doing much
>> more than you were doing.

Tom Horsley:
> Ah yes, here it is again - GUIS are horribly flawed and
> ridden through with security bugs.

No...  Complex things are more likely to have problems than less complex
things, GUI or not.  There's an *awful* lot more running when X is
concerned, and it's had quite a lot of security issues that haven't been
resolved, and probably won't, as the resolution for them (that does
actually work) has been don't use X with more privileges than needed.

Then there's just the plain not security, but still risky problems with
using GUIs with no restrictions on them.

> If that is really the case, then no one should be logging into
> any GUI at all for any reason since you'll be exposing your
> own data to all those security kooties waiting to leap out
> of the GUIs on them.

That silly argument was put forward about a week ago, and the
stupidities were shot down in flames in the next reply or two.

Following messages in this thread really generated into ludicrous rants
against anything that takes a sensible measure to prevent users doing
stupid things with their computer.  You don't do your standing any good
by arguing that it's a good idea to make it easy for people do stupid
things, nor that you want to do stupid things.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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