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Re: Yum errors on rpmfusion in F10: Please help


By the way isn't that ONBOOT should be set to "yes"?

> I think NetworkManager
> is "taking care of things" for me.  This is my first
> experience with NM.  (I usually hand edit
> ifcfg-eth0 on mh other systems.)
> Right after installation I was able to yum update w/o
> a problem.  But Firefox would not resolve names.
> After googling, I learned that I needed to disable
> ipv6.  Having done that, Firefox started working,
> and I didn't seem to have any other network problems.
> Then I tried to install the rpmfusion stuff and
> the current problem began.

Hi I am not sure of your problem but recently heard about bug in
Network Manager.  Googling about bug in network manager gives me some

http://www.mail-archive.com/fedora-package-announce redhat com/msg16682.html

Hope this will be useful.

In my case network manager is disabled, IPv6 enabled and working perfectly fine.


I suspect network manager is causing the problem. Try disabling
network manager and try hand edit the network configuration.


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