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Re: No dates in kmail

Petrus de Calguarium wrote:

> Anne Wilson wrote:
>> Please can some other KDE user check this out - it looks like a bug. 
>> I'll mention it on a KDE list as well, to try to ascertain whether it's a
>> KDE bug or a Fedora one.
> Using f10 and kde4.1.3, with kmail-1.10.3, the dates show as:
> Today 09:17:23
> etc
> ...and the date field in the headers views is perfectly fine.

Same here. Seems fine.
What I sometimes find confusing is the horizontal spacing of these items -
sometimes something disappears to the right
because the item to the left of it has been assigned too much space.

Incidentally, what has happened to me recently in kmail -
nothing at all to do with the above problem -
is that I am asked for my wallet password for IMAP accounts
both on entering kmail - which I don't mind -
but also on leaving kmail, which is new and seems slightly odd.
Probably more to do with IMAP than kmail, though,
and therefore doubly OT here ...

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