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playing DVD on F10

One more in my ongoing requests for guidance:

I find that I cannot play (encrypted) DVDs on my new F10 installation.

I've installed all the DVD-related things I can find on RPM Fusion, and
since I couldn't find an RPM of libdvdcss I built it from source. Now
mplayer, et al, have no un-fulfilled dependencies (at least not according
to 'ldd'. 

But they won't play. I get permission errors, or just plain ole read
errors, or just nothing. Exactly which depends on various factors,
including which player I'm using. I've tried mplayer, vlc, and the
built-in "media player" whatever it is (Totem??)

I CAN play an un-encrypted DVD I have, so it must be some dvd 
encryption package I"m missing, but I've no clue which.

Suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

---- Fred Smith -- fredex fcshome stoneham ma us -----------------------------
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