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Re: upgrade F9 to F10

Craig White wrote:

> Only problem I see remaining in upgrade (via preupgrade) is
> nspr/nspr-devel...(I downloaded these packages manually via
> yumdownloader)

I got two errors of this kind when upgrading from F-8 to F-10.
I thought I was quite lucky to get away with that.
Both were library packages I had never heard of.
(One I think was called libcdraw .)
My solution was just to yum remove them
(they didn't want to take anything with them),
and yum install them again later.

I would have thought it was a very difficult problem
to sort out dependencies when moving from one Fedora version
to another (particularly if one jumps a version, as I did).

My pet gripe with preupgrade - well, it is really anaconda's fault -
is that I seem to have had very bad luck
in the graphics driver that was chosen:
preupgrade has failed on 3 out of 6 machines of mine,
for this reason.
Knoppix seems so much better at choosing the right graphics driver,
at least as far as my experience goes.

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