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Re: (Off Topic ) Open Source: The Model Is Broken ??

Ed Greshko wrote:
>> There is a well known book publisher covering technical topics with a
bazillion titles, but published books can't keep up with the rate of
change in fedora.

*** I'm not talking about FEDORA...the article wasn't about FEDORA *** And this is getting even more OT than before.

To whatever extent fedora wants to claim to be the leading edge distributor of open source, it is all about fedora - and whether they want to claim responsibility or not, fedora and Red Hat before the split have almost certainly dropped more code in more peoples laps than anyone else. Even if the article was strictly about businesses using RHEL, the changes all start being distributed in fedora - including the ones that are going to cause maintenance issues for users upgrading to the next RHEL.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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