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Re: root in FC 10

Fred Silsbee wrote:
> You don't see it do you! What you are proposing
> would take a massive intricate system to protect people from
> themselves. SELINUX is already a super mess duplicating controls
> already in place and adding to the CPU burden.
You are the one that does not see it. SELinux does not duplicate the
existing controls. It provides a finer grade of control. Times
change, and the need for security changes with them. There was a
time when services like telnet, and rlogin were secure enough for
network use. Would you advocate using them now? I wouldn't.
> that is why root has its own password
> Oregon once had a law prohibiting people pumping gas into their own cars.
> People moved to the NEW world to escape the OLD world...for freedom
> Let us put warnings on knives: "beware cutting yourself"
> replace lawnmower blades with weedeater cord
> drive to the pharmacy every time meds are due
> pad all steps in case somebody falls down
> What can we do for a bunch of angry arrogant little boys off
> their meds and skateboards learning a little bit about admin and becoming God!
> We can pad their rooms so they don't hurt themselves!
> Let them take up programming and THAT will put them in their place.
> Understanding concepts is the basis for intelligence
You forgot eliminating seat belts, air bags, anti-lock breaks.
People need to learn not to run into things, and how to stop on
slippery surfaces. Why help them?

Get rid of door locks and alarm systems while you are it. So what if
someone takes something that was left in your car, or drives away
with the car.

Stop plowing and salting roads. People can learn to drive through
the snow, and handle slippery roads. After all, I did. Driving
through 2' of snow is fun!

Get rid of traffic lights and stop signs. Drivers will figure out
who gets to go through the intersection first. (Big trucks ALWAYS
have the right of way!)

Get rid of those pesky door and window locks on houses that make you
have to carry a key to get in.

Lets not forget about those pesky digital garage door opener
controls that make you enable each new control so that it will open
your door. It was a lot more fun when you could drive down the
street and open up everybody's garage door!

While you are at it, why not eliminate air traffic controllers -
think of the money that would be saved if we didn't have to pay
them. Never mind about plains crashing into each other - the pilots
can handle things, right?

Why would we need any of these things? People got by without them
years ago, so why would they need them now?


  Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for thou art crunchy and taste good with Ketchup!

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