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Re: want to prevent people from making mistakes?

On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 10:48 AM, Richard England <rlengland verizon net> wrote:
> When a release does _not_ work, file a bug report, ask for assistance and if
> you can't get it to function, find a work around or, if you must, move to
> another (for you) more stable release of Fedora or another release
> altogether.

The big win is finding a way to get more people doing pre-release
testing as early in the process as possible, keeping them testing, and
trying to identify regressions which appear late in the cycle.  Having
everyone just show up to test (and review) the last preview release
isos isn't really all that valuable in terms of impacting the quality
of the release.

Here's what I know. I participated in the pre-release testing and
Fedora 10 works as well enough for me on the systems I care about
doing the things I care about.  I make it a point to test my workloads
and my hardware. I do not assume that the release engineering testing
covers my hardware specifically or my usage patterns specifically.
Fedora releases are community efforts, testing them is a community

If individuals care enough about the quality of Fedora releases to
stand up and make noise about it post release, then to me they should
have cared enough to be part of the pre-release testing.
So how do we capture that passion..early enough..for it to really make
a difference? The question how do we get those people who legitimately
care about quality regressions to participate in the pre-release

Maybe I should do a historical analysis of the participants in this
list, identify the people who have been vocal about quality issues and
publicly invite specific individuals to join the testing process in
the run up to F11..then track their participation.


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