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Fedora 8 x86_64, sendmail, cyrus-milter, spamassassin, cyrus-imapd question.

I recently moved my email services from a very old cyrus-imapd server
(whose hardware was starting to fail) to a fresh install of F8 x86_64. 
I migrated the mailboxes from one to the other, setup my local CA, and
all appears to work well *except* one thing...one user (and always the
same one) gets an occasional 0 length email in his imapd
directory....this totally screws up his client (it won't read his
mailbox past that...Thunderbird2 latest if you're interested)...I login,
shutdown imapd, remove the offending email file, and rebuild his index,
and all is fine after that.  However, this is very annoying to have to
do and I was wondering if anybody else out in the Fedora world is
running a similar setup and has seen this.  Essentially, the email comes
in via sendmail (with a size > 0 every time if the emails that I think
are the culprits *are* in fact the culprits), gets sent to spamc, and
then gets handed off to cyrusv2 for delivery into the mailbox.

I've got a bunch of logging turned on for spamassassin, sendmail, and
cyrus (although the latter is somewhat lacking) but can't see anything
that would be causing this.  Oh, and there are no disk space issues and
I don't see any log messages that might indicate that I'm running out of
swap or anything of that nature.




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