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[OT] ncurses vs pdcurses questions


I am trying to create a small app using ncurses for my own learning
purpose (ncurses programming itself). This is my first time to tackle
this subject and lot is going on my head, so please be patient with

What I understand is:
1) ncurses is not available in windows environment while pdcurses is
available for both platforms.

My questions are:
1) what's the difference between ncurses and pdcurses?
2) why two versions of curses maintained?
3) can I compile the code which uses ncurses (in my linux machine) in
mingw+pdcurses (in windows machine) without any change?
4) most importantly from where should I begin? learning ncurses or
pdcurses? or they are same?....
5) what about unicode support? can it handle asian characters?

well... may be sounds like a dumb question but I am hoping that
somebody will guide me on how can I start my learning trail on this
subject. For the start, I have also found the online tutorial source

before starting I want to know these few things


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