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Re: Root in FC10

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Of course you are playing nanny! You admit it in your response right
> after you deny it. "The defaults are to protect people that are learning."
> That's my point. You are adding the job of nanny under the guise of
> security. That is NOT security.
> Geoff
I would be interested in your definition of security. From what I
can see, having a firewall on by default would also be playing
'nanny', not making sure the system is secure by default. I guess we
should leave the system wide open by default, so that the user can
learn by having their system cracked. That sounds more like the
Windows idea of security.

Now, if instead of making things like preventing root logins to the
GUI the default, they made it so that you could not log in so root
to the GUI at all, that would be playing "nanny". But the defaults
are just that - the default settings. You can change them if they
are not what you need. This is the point you are deliberately missing.


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