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Re: Preupgrade F-8 to F-10: a short saga

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I ran preupgrade-cli on my F-8 machine, choosing F-10 to upgrade to.
> This worked fine, finding some 800 packages to update.
> But when it ended and I re-booted,
> the upgrade system failed at the graphics stage.
> After various failed attempts, I got the new system to install
> by using Knoppix to change
>  the level 5 setting in /etc/inittab to 3 (text mode).
> by appending "xdriver=vesa" to the kernel line.

You can edit the Grub entry for one boot and boot into run level 3
with out having to go this route. This has been covered here may
times, and if covered in the Grub info page. Look for "Editing a
menu entry".

I will leave configuring the video properly to someone that is
running F-10. I have not upgraded to it yet. (No time.)


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