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Re: custom package - update / obsolete

David Hláčik wrote:
> Shortly, i have build my own freetype packages which comes from
> ubunu intrepid source and patches. It's name is
> freetype-2.3.7-2ubuntu1.fc10.

Are there patches there are are not in the freetype-freeworld package
from rpmfusion?

> Latest freetype package in F10 is freetype-2.3.7-2.fc10.
> I have my custom repo where this packages i have stored.
> Now problem :
> Apparently, 2.3.7-2 is higher for F10 than 2.3.7-2ubuntu1.fc10 .

That's not apparent to me.  Here's a test that suggests otherwise:

$ rpmdev-vercmp 2.3.7-2.fc10 2.3.7-2ubuntu1.fc10
0:2.3.7-2ubuntu1.fc10 is newer

You might need to look closer at the yum output to see why your custom
package isn't getting installed to update the stock fedora one.

> What i want to realize is to be my package higher than F10 original.
> That , when i will do yum update, i will be offered to install
> package from my repo , which updates current one.
> What i need to add to my spec file to have this?

I think the first thing it to find out why it isn't already being
updated, as it doesn't appear to be a simple version-release
comparison problem.

> Something like obsoletes? or updates?

I think you might want to look at how the rpmfusion freetype-freeworld
package does it.  That might be more sustainable in the long run.
Otherwise, you could end up having the stock package update your
custom package whenever a free freetype release is pushed.

> Just to add question, where can i find official rpm SPEC file
> definition ?

You can find a lot of useful information on the Fedora wiki:


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