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Re: Root in FC10

On Sat, 06 Dec 2008 19:50:29 -0500
"R. G. Newbury" <newbury mandamus org> wrote:

> Sorta like your mother probably did many times when you
> were a child. But it is time to stop playing parent to
> everyone.

That sums it up -- the nanny culture. I am very
conservative with my server (running Centos 5.2). There are
two things "out-of-release;" lighttpd (which is not in
CentOS - highly recommended BTw) and I compiled postfix
against dovecot instead of SASL. The firewall is tight,
strong passwords and so on. Of course, not having physical
access to the machine has something to do with it.

OTOH, on my laptop I really don't care if my experimentation
creates disaster. That's what backups are for. Every
debacle has resulted in my learning something. In addition
to being productive - this is supposed to be FUN. Moreover,
Linux is supposed to stimulate intellectual curiosity.
People need to lighten up a bit. Why should anyone care if
this list has more "As root I did [thus and so]?" 

"Neither Lifestyle nor Agenda"

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