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Re: Update applet alert icon is MIA in F10

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
In F9, each time I log in and connect to my WAP, yum-updatesd-helper runs, and after doing its thing if there are updates, the update applet shows an alert icon in the task bar.

That alert seems to be missing now, after upgrading to F10. 'yum update' shows that there are pending updates. When I connect, top shows yum-updatesd-helper running and consuming CPU time for 10-15 seconds, but when it's done there is no alert icon in the tray. If I start software updater manually, it properly shows all the available updates. When gpk-update-viewer assembles all the updates, and when it's processing them, the update applet is showing the 'busy' and 'download' icons, but it never seems to show the 'updates are available' icon.

In 'Software Update Preferences' I have both check for updates and check for major upgrades to 'Daily', and both display notification settings enabled.
In Fedora 9, PackageKit used to check for updates everytime, a user tries to login. This behaviour has changed in recent versions and PackageKit only checks once everyday by default. If you want to revert back to the older behaviour, enable the gconf key at apps/gnome-packagekit/force_get_updates_login


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