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Re: Folderview doesn't work with nvidia. Was prevent people from making mistakes?

Linuxguy123 wrote:
>> That's because proprietary drivers are not, have never been and
>> will never be supported in Fedora.
> Yeah, but Fedora is responsible for shipping PRODUCTION READY stuff.

Really?  I thought Fedora was about advancing the state of open source
software.  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Overview starts with:

    Fedora is all about freedom and rapid innovation

And sometimes that leaves closed source, proprietary vendors behind.
There's not much Fedora can do about that.  If Fedora waited for all
of the closed source vendors to catch up, a lot of things would be
held back.  With a 6 month release cycle, there simply isn't time for

> I'm an end user.  Should I have to look at code and regression stuff
> to figure out what changed as to why folderview doesn't work.

If you want bugs fixed, it certainly helps the process if you can
determine what piece of code needs to be fixed.  That does not
necessarily mean finding the specific line or block of code, but the
software that's responsible for it -- be it folderview or the nvidia

Short of doing that, you have to wait for someone else to do that
work.  Since there is no cost to the software, you really can't demand
that anyone else fix your bugs.  (Though I've certainly found the bugs
I've reported to generally get fixed a lot quicker with open source
software than with closed source.)

> And if folderview doesn't work with nvidia hardware, I'd hardly call

I'd call it an nvidia bug.  Please report upstream.

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