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Re: Folderview doesn't work with nvidia. Was prevent people from making mistakes?

> See my post entitled: "Some people mis interpret
> Fedora's Mission
> Statement."
> -- 

Some people misinterpret "The Bible" too, and after reading it many many times, they come back to the same conclusion.  How can you explain the mysteries of life and existence?

Fedoora can be explained as many have already.  Since the old days when Red Hat 9.0 Shrike existed, there was going to be no Red Hat 10.0, and they split the communities and followers.  One Branch the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the other Fedora Core Linux now only Fedora Linux.

The first Red Hat versions, were stable and production ready.  Fedora is and will continue to be the basis for Fedora Enterprise Linux.  Many times it works beautifully, while others it does not work or has trouble, but most software is like that and there is not much we can do.  Just use, enjoy report bugs, ask for help and continue to use it if you like or move to another distro.  

Just like "The Bible", you will encounter contradictions and you can't take statements word for word or you will end up going crazy.  

My $0.02




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