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Re: Some people mis interpret Fedora's Mission Statement.

On Sun, 7 Dec 2008 16:58:39 -0300
"Armin Moradi" <feng shaun gmail com> wrote:

> What do you mean by "PRODUCTION QUALITY"??  It's an
> ambiguous word, of course.  Fedora for me is super
> stable, therefore, for me, it's "production quality."
> Plus, Fedora's mission is to be bleeding-edge, not a
> test-bed for software, and it is, afaik, succeeding in
> this mission!  With Fedora you get the stable
> bleeding-edge software (oxymoron, but true).
Again, Red Hat describes it as a testbed (from the last

"Thus, we are able to use the Fedora Project and the
JBoss.org communities as proving grounds and virtual
laboratories for new technology that we can draw upon for
inclusion in our enterprise technologies."

That depicts what Red Hat is paying for. There is nothing
wrong with this. It is reasonable to presume that Red Hat
drives the mission. Whether or not we are beta testers is

"Neither Lifestyle nor Agenda"

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