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Re: F10: Unrequested automatic installation ::rant

On Sunday, 07 Dec 2008 08:57:55 +0000,
Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com> wrote :

> On Fri, 2008-12-05 at 18:37 -0500, lanas wrote:
> > I'm suprised this packagekit-whatever default behaviour went into
> > production w/o anyone raising a red light.  Even if it's a bug.
> > truly surprising.

> Not a bug, quite deliberate. PackageKit depending on preupgrade would
> have made the install media too big to fit on a CDROM. If you don't
> like this behaviour, please file a bug, although now we have the
> distro data on a mirror (and not in a package), we'll do this
> differently for F11.

I'll eventually check it out in F11 I guess (not certain). For now, F10
is out, at work and at home.  I had a few annoyances that I was
thinking to perhaps spend time with, but that stealth update was the
last drop.  Heck, I even have the Windows game machine at home installed
w/o its TCP stack so that no network unknowns would be going on.  A bit
drastic, I agree, but now, A Linux machine doing the same and without
asking before the first time ?  No thank you.

I gets tolerated here and then what, propagate as a 'good idea' to other
distros ?

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