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Re: want to prevent people from making mistakes?

lanas wrote:
> After all, who can seriously move from one version to the other every six
> months when you have work to do ?

You have to upgrade only once a year, you can skip every other release.

> F8 is good for work.  Not for home as I'm still using Fedora Core 6 for
> making music as the sound on FC6 works (as a sidenote I think CCRMA are
> up to F8 now, so these guys might have solved jackd issues with
> pulseaudio-whatever-new-scheme-du-jour was found in there).

You can set up JACK to talk to your hardware and PA to talk to JACK (the
opposite is currently not possible, and it is probably not what you want
anyway as the JACK apps are the ones which need the lowest latency, but of
course this means you have to change the PA configuration to work on top of
JACK, as the default is to have PA talk to the hardware)

        Kevin Kofler

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