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FC10 dual boot on new XP machine, partitioning

Dell 1525 laptop

This new PC has the following primary partions:
A fat16 partition of about 40MB (EISA configuration)
A ntfs partition of around 280GB (XP system)
An extended partition containing a fat32 partition of 2.5GB (MediaDirect)
A fat32 partition of 10GB (DellRestore)

Some of these are unfamiliar so I don't know if there are any restrictions on moving/resizing them. If I keep them, it seems like I'd have to more shuffling than I have done before if I am going to add the ususal boot, /, swap, particularly if boot needs to be a primary, and I'd also guess that the EISA partition needs to be primary and stay in the first 1024 cyls much like boot. The system still needs to preserve its original system restore
and media direct functionality.

I did give the FC10 installer a try, but it is not up to the task of automatically resizing and moving partitions, so
I am using gparted on a Knoppix CD to do the heavy lifting.

1) Does anyone know what restrictions there are on moving/resizing the existing partitions above?
2) What would be the simplest workable partitioning for dual boot?

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