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Re: Some people mis interpret Fedora's Mission Statement.

Linuxguy123 wrote:
> "One of the terms that I really like, and that I think we're doing
> better and better of making a reality is that of Fedora as an "open
> development lab". As a user, if your priorities are cutting-edge
> technology (without the nicks and cuts of a blade) and freedom, Fedora
> is a great disto to use."
That is a fine last paragraph.  It states their goal, as in "I think
we're doing better and better".  And, if one were to take a valid poll
of Fedora, on a scale of 1~10 with one being "beta" and the other being
"No-Nicks or Cuts" they probably would fall closer to NNC.

If that is ones sole criteria for production quality then you may claim
they are close.

FWIW, I feel "stability" is also a subjective term as well as a relative
one.  Using the same criteria for rating stability,  RHEL is more stable
than Fedora which is more stable than Rawhide.

Yet, IMHO, Fedora will never reach "Production Worthy" due to its short
release cycle and short maintenance life.  I've not yet run into a
serious business that runs Fedora, or considered running it, and would
certainly advise against it if they did.

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