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Re: want to prevent people from making mistakes?

On Sunday, 7 Dec 2008 15:01:52 -0600,
"Arthur Pemberton" <pemboa gmail com> wrote :

> On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 2:01 PM, lanas <lanas securenet net> wrote:

>> This is why I want to mirror F8.  F8 is good for everyday work.

> So is F9. Will update to F10 as soon as possible myself.

Well,  CCRMA is not yet supported on F9 I think.  So for one distro
that both does work and play, I'd opt for F8 now and mirror F8.  On the
other hand CCRMA will eventually support F9, but since I want to make a
choice and act (if not too late!) right now, then I have to choose F8.

>> F8 will become obsolete soon.
> I thought F8 was already obsolete now that F10 is out.

I've installed it last week and got a 320+ package update after
install.  I hope I won't get shorted by a few days !

>> Maybe that's asking too much for a free OS.  Maybe the short lives
>> of the OS versions is done on purpose to raise more sells for the
>> commercial product.
> Well that's nice an inflammatory.

Frankly, I don't think so.  I think it's a valid business model,
although one I'm not adopting fully as I do not want to update (eg.
install to disk, not the Debian upgrade style) as often and moreover, do
not want to reconfigure each time the system amd iron out/adapt to new
system quirks.
>> Only people
>> with ample time on their hands can fiddle with adjusting the
>> idiosyncracies of each new release on their own time.

> Or maybe it isn't a big deal for them. With a livecd you can be up and
> running in as long as it takes to backup and restore your /home and
> /etc

I hate clicking on something and having the system look it up on the
CD.  It's much better, regarding this, to boot off the iso file from
VMWare and save your stuff on a shared directory.  I do not feel that
the response is at par yet (even at home on a dual core 4GB
64-bit system), but moreover one has to be satisfied with the given
system config unless the customization of the system is scripted and
done after the live boot.  But that's starting to become awkward.

>> F8 is good for work.  Not for home as I'm still using Fedora Core 6
>> for making music as the sound on FC6 works (as a sidenote I think
>> CCRMA are up to F8 now, so these guys might have solved jackd
>> issues with pulseaudio-whatever-new-scheme-du-jour was found in
>> there).
> I'd just remove Pulseaudio if it is getting in yuor way. That's what I
> did for myself. However there is clear evidence that some people
> really need PulseAudio.

That's just about another subject on its own.  I guess there's a new
for PA, but jackd was there way before and offers just about everything
in terms of simultaneous audio/MIDI/time sync access to apps.  And lots
of easy routing by means of a GUI.  And no need to log to a root account
to do that.  So what does PA offers more ?

>> ... but hey, it works and _I_ work.
> Right so what was the point of this email then.

That's the idea.  

Nicer defaults would be nice.  No automatic upgrade-in-your-back.
Bring back copy/paste from file manager to konsole (OK, that one is not
Fedora).  Make /etc/init.d/network start actually start the networking,
because that's a damn good way of doing it in the first place.  Make
Konqueror work again with the 'next' button in the clusty.com search
engine (ditto).

QA is nice.  Maybe CA would also be nice - Consistency Assurance.


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