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Re: want to prevent people from making mistakes?

On Sunday, 07 Dec 2008 21:50:03 +0100,
Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote :

> lanas wrote:

> > F8 is good for work.  Not for home as I'm still using Fedora Core 6
> > for making music as the sound on FC6 works (as a sidenote I think
> > CCRMA are up to F8 now, so these guys might have solved jackd
> > issues with pulseaudio-whatever-new-scheme-du-jour was found in
> > there).
> You can set up JACK to talk to your hardware and PA to talk to JACK
> (the opposite is currently not possible, and it is probably not what
> you want anyway as the JACK apps are the ones which need the lowest
> latency, but of course this means you have to change the PA
> configuration to work on top of JACK, as the default is to have PA
> talk to the hardware)

Thanks for the pointer.  As far as I'm concerned I'd simply do w/o
PulseAudio.  Do not start it at all.  And in fact I tried that at work,
but still had crappy results when routing Xine through Jamin.  On this
one I'll go on with the CCRMA development team now that they support
F8.  I haven't check, but I hope they also have good support for the
64-bit F8 world.


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