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Re: want to prevent people from making mistakes?

lanas wrote:
> That's just about another subject on its own.  I guess there's a new
> for PA, but jackd was there way before and offers just about everything
> in terms of simultaneous audio/MIDI/time sync access to apps.  And lots
> of easy routing by means of a GUI.  And no need to log to a root account
> to do that.  So what does PA offers more ?

Compatibility with the existing APIs most applications use: ALSA, ESD and
through the padsp hack also OSS.

If you run a sound server, which obviously takes control of your sound
hardware (which means apps can't output to it directly anymore), and then
don't make sure the apps can output to that sound server, you just broke
sound for all those apps.

> Nicer defaults would be nice.  No automatic upgrade-in-your-back.

Huh? Where is automatic upgrade the default? We explicitly disable it for
KPackageKit in kde-settings. (The upstream default is to install security
updates automatically, we set it to "None" in Fedora.)

        Kevin Kofler

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