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Re: "normalize" for streaming audio

Frank Cox wrote:
I was just listening to some streaming audio where the volume changed between
tunes -- so quiet you can't hear it, to BLAST!

"normalize" can fix this on mp3 files.  Is there a way to do the same thing
with streaming audio?

I have a question instead of an answer. Do you run the normalize before you play the mp3 file, or do you normalize while you are playing? I ask because normalize means that the amplitude of the whole file is raised until the loudest sound in the file is at or just below some max amplitude.

You see the problem? Until the whole streaming file has arrived there is no way for any normalize routine to know what the maximum amplitude in the file is, and thus adjust the rest of it.

So I would say there probably isn't a normalize for streaming audio. Unless there is some kind of buffer and delay. i.e. you're always one song behind. Or you like listening to music that has no dynamics. :-)

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