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Re: "normalize" for streaming audio

On Sun, 07 Dec 2008 17:17:25 -0700
stan wrote:

> I have a question instead of an answer.  Do you run the 
> normalize before you play the mp3 file, or do you normalize 
> while you are playing?  I ask because normalize means that 
> the amplitude of the whole file is raised until the loudest 
> sound in the file is at or just below some max amplitude.

You run normalize on a directory of mp3 files and it does whatever it does to
keep the volumes within a reasonable range.

> You see the problem?  Until the whole streaming file has 
> arrived there is no way for any normalize routine to know 
> what the maximum amplitude in the file is, and thus adjust 
> the rest of it.

For movie theatres, there is a gizmo called an "afterburner" that you can add to
your sound system that will prevent some sound-jockey's idea of a sudden crash
or shotgun blast from ripping your speakers out of their cabinets.  That's more
of a limiter than a "normalizer" though.

> So I would say there probably isn't a normalize for 
> streaming audio.  Unless there is some kind of buffer and 
> delay.  i.e. you're always one song behind.  Or you like 
> listening to music that has no dynamics.  :-)

I suspect you're right but I've been surprised before.

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