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Re: Some people mis interpret Fedora's Mission Statement.

> And there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from
> putting the
> resources together and charging money for security updates
> post-EOL
> for any Fedora release if they thought there was a market
> for that and
> individuals were willing to pay for that sort of service in
> a
> sustainable way.
> At the end of the day, someone is going to have to step up
> and do the
> work to extend the lifetime of Fedora releases.  Because
> the entirety
> of our process uses open software, our current process is
> replicable,
> without relying on the Fedora Project to bless it.  Under
> the new
> trademark policy, I believe that such a 3rd party
> repository would
> still qualify as a Fedora remix even if it were done
> completely
> outside of the control of Fedora itself. Whether or not
> that work is
> done completely by volunteers or people are paid to do it
> doesn't
> really matter, the point is people have to be motivated to
> do the
> work.
> -jef
> -- 

Doesn't CentOS, Scientific Linux, and others do this already don't they?

Why does somoeone else try to do the same?
Also there was a legacy project to support Fedora releases further and something went wrong?, why go there and ask.

As it is, many of us users run Fedora because 

1) we enjoy running latest software, get security updates, test new kernels, ...etc for the fun of it!
2) for looking at what will be in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
3) have been acustomed to the Red Hat way of doing things and to do that one runs Fedora

I would fall into the category of (1) and also #3.  I had previously run Mandrake, but then it went to Mandriva and they have made bad decisions firing key people that made one use that distro in the first place.  I also like Slax and some other versions of Linux as well.  

My $0.02 




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