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Re: Some people mis interpret Fedora's Mission Statement.

Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Okay, then but since Red Hat Enterprise is based off Fedora aren't they pretty much Fedora below underneath it all :) With us Fedora users doing the testing for them also!
Well, not quite.

You have to consider that there are plenty of RHEL users that aren't
Fedora users and that they participate in the RHEL beta testing
programs.  At the moment I'm testing RHELv5.3 currently in beta.

It is more about testing how the pieces fit together rather than testing
the individual pieces.  RHEL is sufficiently different in that respect.
> Also Red Hat Enterprise Linux charges for the "services" and not for the software since the "software" is available for free doesn't it?  
Yes, Red Hat charges for its services not for the software.   Thus the
existence of CentOS and others.  People wanting a distribution with a
long shelf life but not needing or not wishing to afford the cost of the

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