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Re: Fedora 10, Kernel without xen

Robert Wuest wrote:
Can someone please tell me how to get a kernel for fedora 10 without
xen. I don't use it and don't plan to don't have any need for it.  I
have an nvidia graphics card and want to use their driver (because it is
much faster).  I've been using Nvidia's installer for quite a while, and
everything was fine until 2.6.27 on Fedora 9.  I stayed on 2.6.26 there
because of this.  I've poked around RPM fusion, but don't see a kernel
there, either.  I haven't tried their version of the nvidia driver.  I
had a system that was working just fine for me and now it's broken :(.

Would I be better off just building the latest from kernel.org?


I ran the latest kernel on F9 i386 (from memory 2.6.27-40) and it is not zen. I am not an expert at this, but there used to be a specific zen kernel you had to select. The normal kernel did not have it. Try uninstalling the latest kernel using yum, then yum clean all. Then yum update. It should get the latest kernel with the same options as the 2.6.26 version you have.

I actually compile a custom kernel to get rid of all the fluff that I don't need in the standard kernel. Getting it to work with all the dependencies in the kernel is a bit of work, but once you have a .config that works you can just make oldconfig and keep updating all the time. Well at least until another dependency breaks. Things that are linked are in different places, and sometimes there are dependencies between nonintuitive options. All part of the fun. :-) There was a thread within the last few weeks that asked about compiling a kernel and you could get the links to compiling it there. I'd put the links here, but I'm on a different machine, and can't find that email.

One is on the fedora wiki, the other is at howto forge.

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