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Re: Fedora 10, Kernel without xen

On Mon, 2008-12-08 at 05:28 +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Robert Wuest wrote:
> > Can someone please tell me how to get a kernel for fedora 10 without
> > xen.
> There isn't any. Xen DomU support is now built in by default.
> > I don't use it and don't plan to don't have any need for it.  I 
> > have an nvidia graphics card and want to use their driver (because it is
> > much faster).  I've been using Nvidia's installer for quite a while, and
> Their installer is broken.
> > everything was fine until 2.6.27 on Fedora 9.  I stayed on 2.6.26 there
> > because of this.  I've poked around RPM fusion, but don't see a kernel
> > there, either.  I haven't tried their version of the nvidia driver.
> Then do so, because they fixed it to actually build. (At least this bug can
> be fixed because it is in the glue code for which source code is provided.)
> And the RPMs will also properly override the system libraries instead of
> braindeadly overwriting them like NVidia's installer does. Overwriting is
> going to break as soon as libGL gets updated in Fedora.
> > I had a system that was working just fine for me and now it's broken :(.
> Because you used a broken installer.
> > Would I be better off just building the latest from kernel.org?
> No, you would be better off using properly-packaged drivers. (You would be
> even better off buying hardware supported by drivers which are actually
> Free Software and part of Fedora instead of buying NVidia's crap and using
> their crappy proprietary drivers, but if you must use those drivers, at
> least use proper packages for them!)
>         Kevin Kofler

The world's not quite so black and white as that.  Sometimes you got to
work with what you got.  But for the record, when I bought this PC, I
set out to NOT buy nvidia, but ended up with one anyway (leave it at

Took your advice and tried the RPM fusion packaged driver.  It failed on
me (as it had on my previous attempt to use it back on fedora 8 or 9, I
forget which I tried it on, but I wasn't going to chase down this trail

So I pondered it all a bit more and...

... realizing I'm on my own ...
... and sticking to what I know ...
... I built the kernel without xen, then installed the Nvidia driver.

Maybe this will help someone else, so here's a synopsis:

I first built the kernel from the src.rpm, then went in and ran make
xconfig and disabled xen. Compiled and manually installed that kernel
and modules after backing up the old one and making a grub entry for it
just in case. (I should have changed the kernel version number. Grrr!)
Rebooted to runlevel 3, and voila, no xen.  Ran Nvidia's 173 driver
script, it didn't build. Lot's of errors.  Fixed a couple, realized I
was getting in deeper than I wanted.  Finally, I checked Nvidia's site;
they have a new version 177 (which I have no idea now whether that would
have worked on the xen kernel or not). That built fine. Then a telinit 5
and I have their driver loaded and running.

Things are much much faster now.  Next time there's a kernel update, I
get to have all this fun again. :) But first, I'll try the 177 driver
with the xen kernel.  But not now.  It's running.  If need be, I'll add
myself a '--without xen' to the kernel.spec and just patch the spec and
configs next release.

What a tangled web I am weaving.  Sure would be easier if Nvidia would
just release their driver under the GPL.


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