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Re: Fedora 10, Kernel without xen

Robert Wuest wrote:
> The world's not quite so black and white as that.  Sometimes you got to
> work with what you got.  But for the record, when I bought this PC, I
> set out to NOT buy nvidia, but ended up with one anyway (leave it at
> that).

How so? Vendor saying something in the spec and then shipping something

> Took your advice and tried the RPM fusion packaged driver.  It failed on
> me (as it had on my previous attempt to use it back on fedora 8 or 9, I
> forget which I tried it on, but I wasn't going to chase down this trail
> again).

But I think figuring out why the RPM Fusion provided driver doesn't work
would be a much more productive use of your time than hacking around the

Or you could look at what RPM Fusion is doing to fix NVidia's broken build
script, their specs and patches are there for you to look at.

        Kevin Kofler

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