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Re: Analog-to-Digital Audio:

>> I'd be very surprised if any of those plastic turntables were anything
>> but utter crap.  But then they're aimed at the MP3/iPod users, where
>> audio quality is the least thing on their mind...

Patrick O'Callaghan:
> A friend has one and is happy with it, but I haven't tried it myself.
> Given that these things are mostly going to be used to digitize old
> vinyl records, I suspect most people are going to be happy with them
> even if they aren't studio quality.

I don't think they'll get even close to being good quality.  A cheap
domestic proper turntable sounds better than a crappy plastic one.  But,
considering how many people took absolutely no care with their records,
they're probably not going to care that digitising them sounds crappy,

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