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Re: RANT Fedora 10 and SCSI boot hang

Timothy Murphy wrote:
I spent hours yesterday getting Fedora-10 to run on my SCSI machine.
It hangs after the line
	Attached scsi generic sg3 type 0
appears on the screen.

Googling for "fedora 10 scsi boot hang" brings up
dozens of postings with the same message.
It appears that not enough time is left for SCSI to initialize.

Several people seem to have come up with essentially the same solution,
which involves modifying initrd*.img .
See eg

What I don't understand is why there hasn't been an upgrade
with this solution, which has been available for over a week?

For starters, the bug was marked medium priority.  I fixed that for you.

I suspect the greater problem is that the "fix" is really just a workaround, and disables a feature that's very important for high-end systems. There's really something else going wrong whenever you see this problem, and we'd prefer not to disable the feature to work around those bugs, but we may end up doing that in the short term until the driver issues get sorted out.

-- Chris

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