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Re: (Off Topic ) Open Source: The Model Is Broken ??

Tim wrote:
> I don't, I feel it's an accurate summation of their bad journalism,
> typical of faux technical journalism, and tabloid headline hyping.
Yet, nothing on the technical side was called into question.  So, why to
you bring up "faux technical journalism"?
> One trouble with crap journalism is that it's read by people who don't
> know any better, either.  So "open source model broken" becomes promoted
> far and wide, where it's believed with no regard for the facts.  To coin
> a phrase, some "pointy haired boss" will read it, understand nothing
> about it, but take the title as gospel, and make even more stupid
> decisions against using open source.
Sorry....  I sense a knee jerk reaction.
>> Yet, I wonder how may of these companies are flourishing?  And, is it
>> really out of line to conclude "Unless open-source providers find new
>> ways to add value for their customers, especially in this economic
>> environment, the growth of their companies is at serious risk." 
> Some business models for using something (open source, or something
> else) will be broken, that's always been the way.  Some do well selling
> books, big and expensive books, or lots of smaller books for dummies, on
> the systems.  Others provide support, or sell packaged systems that work
> from the get-go, etc.  
> But if someone thinks, hey we can get this thing for free and sell
> copies of it, making whacking profits in the process, I think they're
> dreaming that it's going to earn them the money they hope it can,
> considering that anybody with a slight bit of nous can get the *same*
> thing for free (individuals, or other like-minded businesses).
> Just because something is freely available, doesn't mean that you'll be
> able to exploit it.
Well, whatever. 

You are certainly entitled to your opinion.  Yet, I feel you are reading
much more into the article than was intended.

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