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Re: Live CD without CD?

Timothy Murphy wrote:
I have a machine with no CD drive,
and I was wondering if I could run the Fedora Live KDE CD
from the hard disk -
I mean by copying the ISO file to the hard disk.
abstracting the isolinux directory,
and adding an approriate grub stanza to boot from this?

If its new enough to boot from USB, then use livecd-tools to create a bootable USB flash drive and install from that.

With the recent advent of 64GB USB flash drives, its not unreasonable to use a converted livecd as the main drive for the system.

I have one with two partitions. Both are formatted as ext3, which allows the system to boot with both a root and home partition extension greater than 2GB.

On the other partition, I have my music collection.

Now, when I am away from work or home, I can plug this USB stick into any computer that can boot it, and have my normal working environment! Its nice.

Good Luck!

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