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Re: I did something silly under F-10

On Monday 08 December 2008 16:54:51 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I got Fedora-10 working on my ancient SCSI machine
> after a 5-hour saga.
> But somewhere along the way I must have done something
> inadvertently to my KDE setup,
> as I now have the f-icon at the top of the page,
> which I don't really mind,
> but it has no Leave section,
> and the simplest way to re-start the system
> seems to be Ctrl-Alt-Delete,
> or else start konsole after Alt-F2
> and then run "sudo shutdown -r now".
> But how exactly can I get a standard KDE screen?
> I tried deleting (well actually, moving) .kde
> but that had no effect.
> I have 5 other machines running F-10 with KDE,
> and all offer a normal KDE screen.

Hehehe - we've all got into such fixes at some time :-)

Try this.  Right-click on the desktop > Add Widget and add Application 
Launcher.  (Application Launcher Menu is the Classic Menu, I think).  That 
should give you a second F menu.  If that is complete you can simply remove 
the broken one (right-click on it).

BTW, if you've lost your panel you can put that back from the Add Widgets menu 
as well.  And if your panel ends up at the top, use Panel Settings > Screen 
Edge to drag it to where you want it.



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