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F10 question with nvidia card

I upgraded to F10 and now I need to get my nvidia card working. I ran

yum install kmod-nvidia

which went fine except that I still don't have the gl graphics working.

514 > rpm -ql kmod-nvidia
(contains no files)

Ok, that's odd. So I then naively tried

[root saturn ~]# rpm -e kmod-nvidia
error: Failed dependencies:
kmod-nvidia >= 173.14.12-5.lvn9.1 is needed by (installed) kmod-nvidia- kmod-nvidia >= 177.82-1.fc10.4 is needed by (installed) kmod-nvidia-
[root saturn ~]#

Since this is an upgrade, shouldn't the package be installed on top of the old one?

Anyone know what to do next?


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