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Fedora 10 kickstart install ignoring "updates" repository


I'm doing network based kickstart installs of Fedora 10, and I'm having trouble getting the "updates" repository to be recognized during the installation. I use a boot CD (using the boot.iso image found on the install DVD), and I make the install DVD contents available via NFS. I've used the same technique with Fedora 8 where I download all the updates packages (and repodata) and make them available via HTTP.

For Fedora 10, I've decided to copy down the Everything repository and make that available via NFS to use as the install source, plus I have the updates available via HTTP. I have a normal

repo --name="updates" --baseurl="http://ip.of.my.server/path/to/Package_and_repodata_for_updates "

line in my kickstart file. Unfortunately, the "updates" repository is being ignored. I know this because I do an ALT-F3 to look at the console messages, and I see one that says "ignoring duplicate repository updates with URL ['http://ip.of.my.server/path/to/Package_and_repodata_for_updates' ]". I don't understand how this repository is being considered a duplicate since the install repository and this one have different contents.

If anyone can shed some insight, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Peter Schwenk
Campus IT Associate 3
Mathematical Sciences
University of Delaware
Newark, DE  19716-2553
schwenk _at_ math _dot_ udel _dot_ edu
(302) 831-0437 (v)

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