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Re: Sprint service smartphone recommendation for F10?

Max Pyziur wrote:

Per the subject line, would anyone have any recommendations on a
smartphone under a Sprint plan that smoothly works with F10?

Samsung Instinct?
The new Palm Centros?
One of the Blackberries?

What do you expect to be able to do from the phone? They would all work for imap email if you have a public address. There are palm ssh and vnc programs that should run on the Centro. The Instinct can run some java apps but so far there's no ssh that works with the on-screen keyboard. It has a windows-only multimedia manager, but you can access it as a USB storarge device (or put the micro-SD card in a usb adapter) and access the media/music/images folders directly. I haven't tried bluetooth access from Linux but that should work too and would transfer contacts if you can manage them as vcards. I'd call the instinct more of an entertainment phone than a smartphone but it does email reasonably well if you can get by with just seeing the most recent 25-100 messages in your inbox. I think you can only sync the calendar with exchange or outlook (I used to have a treo and now have an instinct...).

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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