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Re: Workaround for Ksynaptics. (Was preventing people from making a mistake)

Matthew Saltzman wrote:
On Mon, 2008-12-08 at 13:13 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
On Monday 08 December 2008, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
This point in this thread seems as appropriate as any to mention
syndaemon.  It's part of the synaptics (now xorg-x11-drv-synaptics)
package.  When it runs, it disables the touchpad while the user is
actively typing on the keyboard and re-enables it after a brief pause
after the user stops typing.  Sounds very neat.  (I haven't felt the
need to actually use it, as I don't have too much trouble with
accidental tapping of my current touchpad.)

It does require setting SHMConfig, though, so that problem still needs
to be addressed.

I don't think syndaemon requires SHMConfig.  synclient does.

Not applicable for F8 it appears, from the description of it that I am looking at on my yumex screen right now, there is zero, nada, no mention of being able to disable it with the currently available synaptics-0.14.6-3.fc8.rpm package. It is as if the old package is gone, and replaced by a totally new one without that capability.

I wouldn't look there (at least not now that I'm older and wiser and
know where to look for this particular program).  If you have the
synaptics package installed, try 'man syndaemon'.  I don't have an F8
machine handy anymore, but I'm sure it was there.  It's been there for
many generations of Fedora, and probably before that.

It's on F8 and F7 (and F6 IIRC).  I used it a lot on F8 on my laptop
as the touchpad was way too sensitive to my thumb whacking the spacebar.
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