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Re: F10 question with nvidia card

On Monday, Dec 8th 2008 at 20:19 -0000, quoth Christopher A. Williams:

=>On Mon, 2008-12-08 at 17:46 -0500, Chris Snook wrote:
=>> Steven W. Orr wrote:
=>> > I upgraded to F10 and now I need to get my nvidia card working. I ran
=>> > 
=>> > yum install kmod-nvidia
=>> > 
=>> > which went fine except that I still don't have the gl graphics working.
=>> > 
=>> > 514 > rpm -ql kmod-nvidia
=>> > (contains no files)
=>> > 
=>> > 
=>> > Ok, that's odd. So I then naively tried
=>> > 
=>> > [root saturn ~]# rpm -e kmod-nvidia
=>> > error: Failed dependencies:
=>> >         kmod-nvidia >= 173.14.12-5.lvn9.1 is needed by (installed) 
=>> > kmod-nvidia-
=>> >         kmod-nvidia >= 177.82-1.fc10.4 is needed by (installed) 
=>> > kmod-nvidia-
=>> > [root saturn ~]#
=>> > 
=>> > 
=>> > Since this is an upgrade, shouldn't the package be installed on top of 
=>> > the old one?
=>> > 
=>> > Anyone know what to do next?
=>> > 
=>> > TIA
=>> > 
=>> kmod-nvidia is a metapackage, to deal with the screwy dependency issues that 
=>> result from having to ship an extra variant of the nvidia module every time 
=>> Nvidia decides to stop supporting another generation of less-than-bleeding-edge 
=>> hardware.  What you're seeing is normal, and your module is already installed. 
=>> Have fun with X configuration.
=>> In other words, blame Nvidia.
=>...Well, blame nVidia in part. We also need to blame pilot error on the
=>part of the OP.
=>Indeed kmod-nvidia is a metapackage. Yum was used to install it, and it
=>did its job of pulling the appropriate dependent packages and keeping
=>those dependencies in place when rpm (and NOT yum) was used in an
=>attempt to remove the metapackage. Had yum been used, kmod-nvidia would
=>have been removed along with all of its dependent packages. Thus, this
=>metapackage, regardless of how ugly folks may think it to be, is working
=>as designed.
=>As to why the accelerated nVidia drivers did not work, there could be
=>several causes ranging from them not having been given a chance to load
=>(I usually reboot - even though I don't have to - to let everything load
=>up in a desired order) to that the wrong nVidia drivers were installed
=>(old cards can't use the new drivers last time I checked).
=>We just don't have enough information to say based on the information

I'm happy to provide whatever else I can. What do you need to know to go 

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