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Experience with x86_64-only (no i386) in F10?


I'm about to wipe my x86_64 F8 installation in preparation for 
installing x86_64 F10.  Since I'll be doing a clean install, I'm 
feeling adventurous.  My plan is to go 64-bit only - no 32-bit 
binaries.  Mind if I ask a few questions?

1. In prior versions of Fedora there was no provision for doing a 
64-bit-only installation.  You had to do a standard x86_64 install, 
then erase all the i386/i686 RPMs.  Is that still the case, or can I 
opt at installation to only install x86_64 and noarch packages?

2. What functionality will I be giving up to go 64-bit-only?  In times 
past the immediate answers to this was Flash Player and the Sun JVM 
browser plug-in.  Between the alpha 64-bit Flash Player (which I've 
been successfully using for 3 weeks) and IcedTea, these drawbacks seem 
to have been resolved.  Anything else?


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