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Re: wine on fedora 8 X86_64, can't installed

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 8:43 AM, James Wilkinson <fedora aprilcottage co uk> wrote:
L wrote:
> when install wine on fedora 9 X86_64, always got the following errors?
> Any one has luck on this?
> Y
> Transaction Check Error:
>   file /usr/share/man/man5/ldap.conf.5.gz from install of
> openldap-2.4.10-2.fc9.i386 conflicts with file from package
> openldap-2.4.8-3.fc9.x86_64

Wine will pull in the i386 (32 bit) version of any packages it needs
(unless they're already installed). The 32 bit version of openldap is
newer than the 64 bit one that is already on your machine.

I have a copy of openldap-2.4.10-2.fc9.x86_64.rpm (the newer version of
the 64 bit version) in yum cache, from the updates-testing-newkey
directory. It is about a month old. So you probably haven't done a
system update in at least that length of time.

Ideally, do a full yum update, then try again. If you have bandwidth
issues, then at least do a
yum update openldap libselinux alsa-lib libxslt

(There are similar problems with the other packages.)

I finally found there are two versions of openldap etc in system:

openldap-2.4.8-3.fc9.x86_64 openldap-clients-2.4.8-3.fc9.x86_64



Can't understand why they are co-existing

after remove them, installation was completed smoothly

Hope this helps,


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