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Re: How send special keystrokes to guest (w2k8) system?

Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
I just install w2k8 server guest at Fedora 10 host (HW:FS PRIMERGY SX330S1,
2x Quad Opteron 2352 with virtualization support) with kvm virtualization.
All works probably fine, but I cann't send keystrokes as CTRL+ALT+DEL
to guest. I tried:

- disable handling special keys (CTRL+ALT+<key>) in X server (settable in
GNOME keyboard properties)

- use "Send key" feature in virt-manager v0.6.0 (offers sending
CTRL+ALT+Backspace, Printscreen and CTRL+ALT+Fx keystrokes)

- somewhere mentioned CTRL+CTRL+CTRL+ALT+DEL combination

but all without success. Probably I'm doing something wrong, can someone
push me forward?

On host I use Fedora 10 distro, SMP kernel,
kvm-74-6.fc10.i386, libvirt-0.5.1-1.fc10.i386,

OK, solved - problem is probably in Fedora 10 "gtk-vnc-0.3.7-3.fc10.i386"
library, maybe in Fedora-special patches.

When I compile and instal actual gtk-vnc v0.3.8 (without any additional patches),
then all work fine.
I will file bugzilla report about this.

Franta Hanzlik

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