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F10 and Pulseaudio

Hi all,

what is the state of Pulseaudio in F10?

On my previous installation (F8) I disabled PA after a short test as
there where to many problems with it. On my fresh install of F10 I
have it currently enabled, thinking that it should be more mature by

At first it had the wrong soundcard as a default device, this was
easily changed and is no real bug (although perhaps the installer
should ask which soundcard should be used if there is more than one).
Rhythmbox and mplayer now have sound (but only stereo instead of 5.1
it seems), so that's fine.

All games have no sound though, even those installed from the Fedora
repository (for example "Battle for Wesnoth").

I can understand if third-party software still has problems with PA,
but shouldn't at least the games that are shipped with the
distribution work with the default sound setup?

How to fix this? Uninstall PA again?


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