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Re: F-9 to F-10 preupgrade is rather mean

David Timms wrote:

>> I noticed that the preupgrade install carefully removed
>> all F-9 boot material -
>> not only vmlinuz and initrd, but also the /lib/modules/ files.

> Unless something was changed recently, the idea is that pre-upgrade
> simply retrieves the minimal rpms needed to upgrade a specific system,
> then adds an additional grub boot item for upgrade.
> When you reboot and choose upgrade, essentially a normal anaconda based
> upgrade occurs, with the same questions you'd normally get, and the same
> result.

I was not asked any questions when I re-booted after running preupgrade.
The system immediately launched into an enormous updating saga.

Normally, if I do a clean install I am asked if I want to format /boot
or leave it as it is. I always choose the latter.
This leaves old kernels in place, though it does remove reference to them
from grub.conf, IIRC.
However, it leaves the old grub.conf as grub.conf.rpmsave ,
and it is easy to merge the two.

> /lib/modules comes from the kernel, so I would expect to only have
> modules for the most recent installed kernel in there after the upgrade.
> I have noticed during install/upgrade that kernel install occurs 80%
> into the process; did your install finish normally ?

Yes, everything seemed to end normally.
But you seem to be saying that what did occur
is what should have occurred.
I'm saying that it doesn't occur with a clean install;
the old system (vmlinuz, initrd and /lib/modules) is left in place.

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