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Re: Some people mis interpret Fedora's Mission Statement.

Timothy Murphy wrote:

Isn't that what is meant by "pressure from above"?

I don't see how having more resources alloted to something counts as pressure from above. Let's say I prefer fluxbox or Xfce. Should I feel pressure because more resources go into other desktop environments? I don't think so. I am quite comfortable with that.

Surely the main determinant should be what users want?

Product decisions are much more complex than that. In many cases, users just say - "I dont care about the desktop environment. Just let my ISV apps work and give me x,y and z functionality". Going beyond just linux specific technical mailings will give you a completely different picture.

My strong impression from reading the newsgroups
is that a large majority of enthusiasts are using KDE,
despite the fact that this is not the default.

I have no idea. We cannot rely on mere impressions for making such decisions and I know of no hard public hard data. Enthusiasm doesn't determine how many people work on something full time. Paying customers do.


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